Parent email attached to scout name

I have a parent whose emails is set up in Scoutbook with her scout’s name, so I cannot add her as his parent.

How can this be corrected?

SB 12748015
BSA 14571607

There is no email on that account

@HeatherChirillo An issue is that the parent has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

14571608 - Lion Adult Partner registration
14571603 - Her parent / child user relationships

Ideally, you want any registrations and any user relationships to be combined under a single BSA member ID number. Your local council’s Registrar should be able to help with this.

Normally, the MID with the parent / child user relationship will come in automatically.

It appears to be corrected now. Thanks!

@HeatherChirillo I still recommend that you contact your local council Registrar about combining everything under a single BSA member ID number. They can do this with their Registrar tools.

Thank you! I will do that!

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