Parent email did not sync between Scoutbook and Scoutbook Plus

Parent updated her email address in Scoutbook 3 days ago. I was logged into Scoutbook Plus (Internet Advancement) and looked up her profile to email her and I am still seeing her old email address in Scoutbook Plus. I made a screen cast showing the difference in the emails if it would be helpful.

Do I need to tell parents they need to update their email in both Scoutbook and then Scoutbook Plus?

Since they use the same login, I thought the profile information would be the same no matter where she updates her email.

Parent BSA ID: 13556695

Thanks in advance for the correct guidance to give to our unit parents!

There is no way to change their email address in Scoutbook. It can only be done in Scoutbook Plus, and then it syncs to all BSA systems. I’d suggest getting screenshots before and after it is changed (without showing the address or other PII).

@jacobfetzer I did ask her to change her email address in Scoutbook since we send out our Pack newsletter through Scoutbook messages. I am not sure how she changed her email address (maybe through but she did. It did not sync with her profile in Scoutbook Plus for either of her sons. I have Screenshots in a PDF but I can’t figure out how to send you a private PM. I did black out her full email, name and photo if you want me to post it here instead.

@AngeleBoudreaux does she want the gmail or the edu?

Gmail please. Thanks in advance!

@AngeleBoudreaux ok it is all set to gmail now

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