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Parent not able to change email

I have a parent who changed his email at a few weeks ago. The change has not synced over to Scoutbook (not sure if it is suppose to…?). Anyway, I have refreshed Scoutbook and it didn’t change anything. (I am a key 3 person with admin rights.)

When he goes into his profile to change his email, it tells him the password does not match the current password on file. He definitely has his correct password seeing how he just logged on to get to his profile information. He uses the same password for and Scoutbook.

Any suggestions? Or is this one a help desk ticket issue?


Michelle - did the parent enable SSO in scoutbook? I would make sure of that although did the parent need to have a MYST account?

Stephen - yes, I forgot to mention that. We tried that when I also tried to refresh Scoutbook. He went to the Setup / Switch Single Sign-On (SSO) Profile, entered his usernname/password and submitted. It gave the message that the MyScouting acct was synced.

Update - I submitted a help desk ticket and they updated the parent email. I asked if it was a bug in Scoutbook, and this is not a bug they have been made aware of. I have had this issue with 2 parents (in February and in June). I needed help desk tickets for both, so I don’t know if we are doing something wrong on our end or if it a bug.