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Parent for scout transferred from Pack has full rights and Troop Admin cannot modify

The parent of a scout transferred into our Troop from his Pack has full rights to edit advancement. At the Troop level we limit that right to only a few leaders. I am a Troop Admin and I cannot change the rights granted to the parent. I cannot remove the edit advancements right.

The BSA has decided that all parents have irrevocable full control over their children’s accounts. In that way the parent can make changes to personal information and move the Scout to other units when needed. Bear in mind that parents’ full control in NOT the same as leaders’ full control. Parents that are not leaders cannot approve or award advancement. When an item is marked as “Completed” in Scoutbook, that means that the Scout is ready to be tested. The Scoutmaster (or Scoutmaster’s designee) “signs off” in the Handbook in the columns marked “Leader Initial & Date”. The equivalent step in Scoutbook is when a leader in the unit marks an item as “Approved”. Parents (who are not also leaders in the unit) cannot mark any items in Scoutbook as “Approved”. Leaders in the unit need to be educated that they should not be marking any items as “Approved” in Scoutbook if it is not their role in the unit to do so.