Bug report: I can approve advancements for my newly bridged daughter when I shouldn't be able to

Details: My daughter just bridged to Scouts BSA from Cub Scouts, and I’m an admin for the Cub Scout pack, but not for the troop. I have access only to my daughter for approval, but I shouldn’t have that.

Thank you for your help.

There is no error or Bug - you are a Troop Committee member - SB is functioning as designed

That seems odd - that a leader without any granted admin access can approve their own offspring but no other Scouts’ advancement. Do you know why that’s the way it is?

Probably cause that is the only scout they have Full Control or Edit Advancement over - Admin has nothing to do with this

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To clarify further, parents/guardians have irrevocable Full Control permissions to their scout(s) once connected. For a non-scouter parent, that gives them (generally) the ability to mark advancement items Complete, but not Leader Approved or Awarded. Once that adult account is also associated with a scouter registration, however, the irrevocable Full Control acquires the leader-permissions associated with Full Control, which includes the ability to mark items Leader Approved and Awarded. This is not a bug, because a parent/scouter might have cause to approve their own scout’s advancement (e.g. being scoutmaster).

The control process for this feature is application of unit-level policies related to who can (and can’t) sign things off in the handbook and/or as Leader Approved in Scoutbook.

Thanks for the clarification.

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