Parent invited Scout to Scoutbook - Scout deleted invitation

I have a parent that invited their Scout to Scoutbook, however the invite was deleted by the Scout (and it is not in their trash). We cannot figure out how to re-send the invite to get the Scout logged in.

The Scout’s info is:
SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)

I would recommend following these steps - then they can use those credentials to log into SB - do NOT use the Sign in with Google

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@Britt I don’t see a Date Invited for the Scout, but the Scout’s e-mail is in Scoutbook.

I would recommend having the parent work with the Scout to create a username at my.scouting. When creating the my.scouting account, they should try to connect to the Scout’s existing BSA member ID number: 133733302.

I like Donovan’s instructions, because they have pictures.

Thank you both. The parent was able to help the Scout go through Donovan’s attachment and they successfully got him in.

Thanks again!

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