Parent unable to invite scout

I have a parent who cannot invite her scout to join Scoutbook. The “Invite to Connect” button doesn’t show on his profile page for the parent. I have checked to confirm that he is on the troop roster and approved in Scoutbook. This is probably something simple, but I can’t tell what needs to be fixed.
The scout’s BSA ID is: 137069761 and his user ID is: 11516140.

@Brian.Wylie - I gather the scout is not listed in the message section of scoutbook?

No, he is not listed in the message section. Thanks.

@Brian.Wylie looks like the Scout already has a my.scouting account? kmmusic500 - he can use those credentials?

Thanks - I will have the parent work with the scout to try those.

Can we get a flag/note or something in the user interface that indicates this?

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