Parent cannot accept SB invitation

Hello, I have a parent who has been invited to Scoutbook, but she cannot login. She needs to reset her password, but the reset password feature won’t accept her email address and she doesn’t know of any other username. Her BSA ID is 137415463. Is it possible to have the account reset so that she can get logged in?
Michael Crotty

@MichaelCrotty have the user go to and CREATE (Left side of page) an account - have her enter info like it is in Scoutbook and it should match her up > she can then user that username/password to get in Scoutbook

It looks like she submitted a paper application for her Scout, which is how she got the BSA ID number. Donovan’s instructions will work, but she needs to be careful to match information exactly, and when it tries to match her up, accept the match with her BSA ID. There are a LOT of users with her name, so that is critical.

Alternately, I suspect she is getting stuck when it asks her for a password she doesn’t know. Th invite process for parents like this first sends an email with a temporary Scoutbook invite password. (you can always re-invite if you need to het her a new one). This login and password will direct her to a my.scouting page where it will ask for a password (which is confusing, because she already entered one). This password page is for her to set a NEW password for the account, so she needs to create one. She should NOT have to click forgot password. Once she enteres a NEW password, the account creation process should complete.

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