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Parent merged MemberIDs

I have a parent who was a registered Lion Partner, became a Tiger Partner, and then took YPT. They had the membership number associated with their Adult Partners in Scoutbook. We used the my.scouting MemberID Manager to add the Adult Partner ID to their YPT Account. MemberID Manager now shows both ID numbers.

We went into Scoutbook, and turned on SSO and entered the my.scouting credentials. The Scoutbook account doesn’t show any connections to their Scout or the unit. Does it take an overnight to get the systems to sync, or should it have been instantaneous? Any assistance is appreciated in making this work the way it should be.


I believe it does take a day for Scoutbook to be able to see anything that happens in my.scouting.

@jacobfetzer Once everything is working correctly, do you know if Scoutbook will display the parent’s primary ID in their profile, or will it remain as the original one from Scoutbook? Hoping that there is a way that I (as a Pack Admin) can verify that the merge has happened and the parent is seeing the correct things.

The switch sso profile function is supposed to update the bsa member number in the Scoutbook profile, but I’ve not actually observed this myself to know for sure. I suspect they’d have to run it again after waiting for the overnight processes to run.

We got it all to work. The problem was that we logged in to the Scoutbook account that was created by my.scouting and turned on the SSO. What we needed to do was log into the original Scoutbook account and turn on the SSO. Once we did that, all is well.

In the process of trying to get this all to work, the one issue we have is that we temporarily changed the email address in Scoutbook. In order to change it back, we need to have the confirmation code it sends out. Irony is that we didn’t need the code to change it in the first place. I was actually surprised that we were able to change the email outside of my.scouting… I was also surprised that it didn’t change it in my.scouting. Seems like Scoutbook can read my.scouting, but not write to it.

That’s odd. I had understood that it updated the email address bidirectionally (Scoutbook → my.scouting and vice versa). Did you wait for another update cycle to see if it “corrected” the email address at my.scouting? I wonder if the asynchronous updates made it look ignored, but it was just queued.

@CharleyHamilton I made the email update in Scoutbook yesterday afternoon. The original email address still appears in my.scouting today. I’ll check again tomorrow.

Just to follow-up. After two days, the email address in my.scouting remains unchanged. I don’t know if it was supposed to change, but it hasn’t. This is important to know that if someone truly needs to change their email, they need to log into my.scouting to do it.

I don’t believe so. Generally, the member sync data is one-way into Scoutbook. The only exception that I can recall is for a password change.

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