Please Merge Scout Profiles

I need 2 Scoutbook accounts merged.

ID 12010078 (this one should remain) and 137455636. The name on both is [name removed by Moderator], Michigan Crossroads Council

To clarify - this will not lose any training information (ie YPT cert), correct? Thanks so much.

@CressieVargo You have a Scoutbook userID that was created in 2016. You don’t want to keep that one?

Whichever the older one is what I want to keep. The second one was created when my son joined as a Lion, even though I put my existing number on the partner application.

@CressieVargo This should be fixed.

@CressieVargo I would recommend contacting your local council and ask them to put the Lion Adult Partner registration under BSA member number 12010078.

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