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I am assisting a parent that I am bringing on board as an ASM with getting their ongoing profile issue rectified. The member number 134698084 has completed YPT and other CA requirements, but when I look at his profile, I do not see this. He mentioned that there is a duplicate profile issue he has not been able to resolve in the past. The UserID he said he used is “018158” which is not a familiar format. Can you please help me fix this so I can add him to recharter as an ASM? Thank you

@CharlesCoyle well there is BSA # 13057749 in your council. As far as the CA requirements not sure how that works with recharter. the 8084 MID has all the YPT Good on it

Thanks for taking a look. Can we merge the profiles? Initials R.S. and they should have the same email address

no there are 2 different email providers

if the other is rocketmail, then we are talking about the same person and they can be merged. Thank you

i wont post the email address here, but it is the same address, but one is ymail and one is rocketmail

yes it is all fixed and should not have been causing any issue - the user is not registered as a leader yet

That must be the issue. I could have sworn he was already registered. Are adult leaders able to complete the online application or do we need to do a paper app and turn it in to the office?

That depends on your council - talk to them

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