Please merge account profiles - Recharter created issues

Hi. One of my Comm. members has 2 BSA IDs. I requested that they be merged last year and that was fixed. When the recharter happened, the issue came back. One ID is connected to her leadership position and parent connection; the other is connected to her Training. Please merge her IDs please.

136872599 (Leadership, Parent Connection)
135898147 (Training, YPT)

Will this happen again at the next recharter?


@JanetteFein this is fixed - Council needs to remove the parent Relationship from the 135898147 account in Registrar Tools

To clarify: Your council Registrar needs to look up her child (or children) using their Registrar Tools.

In the “User Relationships” section, make sure that the child is connected to the parent with the parent’s correct BSA member ID number 136872599. Remove the parent’s other BSA member ID number 136872599.

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