Parent(s) not receiving event email reminders

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Please help. At least 1 parent has not received email reminders. We don’t know for how long and also don’t know how many others are not receiving them.

Yes, they are an “invitee” to the event.

Can you help please?

Also, why is it so hard to post a question here? I don’t have a way to just ask a question from my dashboard. I have to go through questions and most of them are “closed” for discussion.


@AnnHyduchak What is the parent or Scout’s BSA member number? (No names, please)

Sometimes the discourse interface is ill-behaved. What some of us have found helps is to click on the New Topic button in the upper right corner under an existing category (sometimes just appears as a “+” on mobile OS), then toggle to a different thread. That sometimes forces the text entry box to appear.

I don’t know that anyone has sorted out exactly what’s causing the issue, but I know it’s been reported to the IT folks in the past, but has been hard to reliably reproduce. It happens frequently, just not in a regular enough circumstance that it’s been fully diagnosed yet.

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I don’t find the Mom’s number and without posting her name, here is her Scout’s number where you can look up her name.

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:


Is this a meeting with only adults invited?

The event we tested on was for adults only but we don’t know how far back she hadn’t received event reminders.

I believe there’s a bug that prevents ALL non-registered adults from receiving messages when their child is not also invited. I have reported it to the developers. The workaround is to invite the scouts and include a note that it’s for adults only.

Can you further clarify “non-registered” adults. I have Lion Partner parents that are not getting automatic event email reminders and I have tried so many workarounds to get them the event reminders. Non-registered adults referring to leaders or all adults?


Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not registered adults. Registered Adults refers to adult leaders who have taken youth protection training and had a criminal background check.

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Thank you for clarifying. I have been searching for answers and ideas of why some parents get the email reminders and some do not but in our case most non-registered adults/parent do receive the messages. It is just the Lion Den parents not receiving. This may not be the same issue. I have sent a couple of test e-mails with this approach. Thank you

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