Parent does not receive email reminder

I have a parent who is not receiving event reminder emails through scoutbook. She is connected to both her scouts and can access their accounts just not receiving emails. Her member number is 132305936.
What can we do so she can start receiving communications through scoutbook?
Thank you

@RebeccaGolueke - i would think this is related to the multi domain blacklist that is currently being worked on.

It was happening before the issues with the blacklist

@RebeccaGolueke - ah… understood. perhaps someone from the SUAC can take a look at the parent account.

I don’t see any issues assuming it’s E and J in troop 7060 G. Can you try sending a message to her and herself with bcc off. Make sure her email address appeared in the to field. If so, reply all and see if she gets that. That’ll help narrow it down.

She receives messages that are sent through scoutbook but not the calendar event reminders

Simple question - are the Scouts new? Are they on the Event invitee list?


@DonovanMcNeil - i should have asked this earlier

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