Parents receive messages but not receiving event notifications/reminders (continued)

@jacobfetzer This was a topic that was closed a few days ago, but I have additional questions.

Our troop set up a parent meeting and the only invitees are parents. Not all of the parents are receiving the event reminders. In the previous post about this topic the “correct answer” was that there was a known bug that prevents non-registered parents from receiving reminders if their scout isn’t invited. Is this qualified as some parents? My husband receives the parent invitee only reminders and he is not/has never been a registered leader.

I do not receive the parent only invitee event reminders from the troop. Where my situation is different is that I am a registered leader in the pack that my son just bridged from in the spring. There are five of us who all just had our kids bridge from pack to troop in the spring, but the parents are still registered leaders at the pack (but not the new troop). None of us received the event reminders. Of those five families, the second, non-registered parents ARE receiving the parent only invitee event reminders. Is the hang-up something to do with the change in roles from leader to parent? When my son IS included as an invitee, I do receive those event reminders.

Just trying to shed some more light on the topic in hopes the SB engineers can narrow down the issue and fix it.

In the meantime the main solutions seems to be to include the scouts as invitees? Is that what I’m getting? Or have someone send an email at least once rather than relying on event reminders? I am also interested because as CC at the pack, I also set up parent only invitees and I am just now finding out that some might not be receiving the messages. Any other resources on the topic that you or anyone else can point me to would be helpful.

Thank you!

I don’t have any answers to your questions but appreciate you sharing your experience. I think it’s crazy that’s is limiting it to registered leaders at all, regardless of the exact specifics.

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