Parent showing up twice

I have a parent with two scouts. His name was entered twice at the council; once with full name for first scout, then nickname for the younger scout. He has two IDs (11971004 and 9392637) and two BSA numbers (137354794 and 135688006).

Another parent has two as well with the same scout. His BSA numbers are: 13971797 and 130211836 the first one he is connected to, the other one he has not.

How do I fix this? Thanks!

@KeriOsterhaus Their Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Hi Jennifer,

I seem to be having the same issue. I have an active member ID (3189581), but for some reason, i cannot access my Den. The den is assigned to an Andrew Herman, but it seems like it is a different Andrew or a different account number. Can you help to rectify/merge?
Here is the pack and den info: Pack 1434 / Den 3.




This is fixed.

Thanks so much for the help today!

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