Scout unable to log into Scoutbook

I am the Scoutmaster for Troop 162 in Oklahoma City. Our membership chair and local office cannot determine why a scout is unable to access Scoutbook. Member ID 129967494. Please assist.

Admin Edit - Removed Scout’s name.

Scouts have to be invited to connect to their Scoutbook account by their parent. Has that already happened? Does the scout appear in the list of mail recipients when you go to My Dashboard → Administration → Messages → Send Message?

FYI, the SUAC generally only needs the BSA ID to investigate, so you can remove the scout’s name from your post.

The Scout has not been invited to Scoutbook. A parent needs to log in, go to My Dashboard → Administration → Scout → Edit Profile scroll to the bottom then invite the Scout. The Scout will receive an e-mail with a temporary password.

Note the Scout must have an e-mail address that does not exist in Scoutbook. In other words, it can’t be the parent’s address.

The Parent is stating that they cannot access their account. Can you please help me to solve for this? parent email is (email removed by moderator)

Can the parent log in to His ID is his e-mail address. If he cannot log in, he will need to reset his password. The council can reset it if he cannot with Forgot Password or the chat bot. I do not have the ability to reset passwords.

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