Parent unable to see new scout info on SB; has 3 different accounts for 3 scouts

Troop 36G in CT has a parent who cannot access her daughter’s Scoutbook. We corrected her email address and have sent the invite a few times. She also wants all her children under one access login.

Her BSA # 131246140 User ID 10342013

Her daughter is: BSA # 14229360 (Troop 36G) User ID 12428526

Her sons have the same last name and are in Troop 29 in CT. I don’t have access to their BSA numbers.
Please let me know if you need more identifying information.

  1. The parent is unable to access her daughter’s Scoutbook info. The parent used the invite link to get to the account. She said “Scoutbook let me log into a new account for her then it said I allowed me create a new account even though I had already had an account then I cannot access it.”

  2. The family has 2 boys in a different Troop 29 in CT. Parent would prefer to have all of her kids on one access rather than three separate accounts. Can all of her accounts be merged?

  3. Can you direct her to the person who can do all of this as well as guide me on what I need to do? Our council registrar did work on this but it is not totally resolved.

  4. can you explain the best way for her to login once the fixes are made?
    thank you


I just looked at the database. The mother is connected to all 3 of her children as Parent/Guardian. She needs to log in to Scoutbook with the part of her hotmail e-mail address before the @

The younger son is still officially registered with a pack. He needs to be transferred to the troop.

Good morning again,

I have notified the parent of the younger son’s registration. I still have access to Pack 36 SB and do not see him there.
I am getting information from the parent on any BSA #s and user #s associated with any and all accounts she or her children have that she can see. I also asked permission to ask for this information from Troop 29. Once I get it, I will get it and forward it to you.

I am wondering if she and her Scouts have multiple BSA and user numbers that are confusing the situation?
Are you able to search her family by last name if I am unable to get this information? Maybe we will come up with multiple BSA accounts?

I will be asking these questions of our council as well.

I will be in touch when I have more information. I very much appreciate your help and patience!! -J

@JudithRoenke This is what I see for the younger son’s official registrations:

J registrations at myScouting

He is not registered in a troop, yet.

Do you have access to the pack’s Roster at my.scouting? That is where you would see the official roster.

Hi - thank you for your replies.

I checked with the Pack 36 web admin and she can see the younger scout on their roster (not SB.) I appreciate your suggestion to check that.

I have sent a long email to Troop 29 and Connecticut Rivers Council with info and questions about the problem. One of their admins told me that the younger scout was on their roster for a while and then disappeared.

I asked for 29’s admins to forward me any/all BSA numbers and user IDs. I am hoping that information will help us.

Thank you again for working on this!

That sounds like they just added a Scoutbook membership in the troop, rather than an actual transfer. If an admin checks the younger scout’s “expired” troop membership in Scoutbook, is there a message of some sort in the notes field?

I agree, they need to be officially transferred. See the following for instructions to do so.

Not sure - Conn Rivers Council might be able to check that and update younger scout from Pack to Troop 29 if he was registered as new instead of a transfer. She is the registrar for our council.
I will give her a call. Things get lost in her email.

She isn’t technically the Scoutbook admin for the council but she understands it so well that it keeps falling on her in addition to all Scout, leader, and camp registrations! IDK who the actual SB admin is at council.


Edited my response to remove names.

It should be the pack admin checking on the message. Not sure council could see it.

My account ID is 135503112 (active account) and I need to add my son ID 135503111. I’ve tried multiple times but unable to add him.

The pack admin found that the younger son and the father are both on the pack roster. (I didn’t realize the father’s account might have a problem as well.)
Son: His member ID is 133338394. No associated email address.
Father: His member ID is 12431756. Has associated email. Scoutbook for 36G shows the father has full control and is connected.

I cannot find the father’s BSA ID for Troop 36G to see if it is different.

@MichaelDowns1 Talk to unit leaders for help with that

Thank you! I am emailing the leaders from the Pack, both troops, and council. Hopefully someone can initiate the transfer and clear this up.

I appreciate your help!

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