Parent with Multiple Accounts

I have a leader who’s son’s scout accounts are a little messed up. Unfortunately her account is also messed up so she can’t post on this forum. I hope they can be merged, keeping info from both intact. The scout and the leader should both be under Troop 702 in Rio Grand District / Great Southwest Council

Gabriel A.

Please merge the following accounts and keep all info from both accounts.

BSA 137154791
UID 4874940

BSA 137154791
UID 970651

Thank you!

If you could look in to the parent’s account that would be great as well.

Laura A.

BSA 137154787
UID 10923927

@ChristopherMontano Scout is fixed - Mother needs to use credentials to log in username: (firstinitial)(middlenameinitial)(lastname)

Thank you, I will let her know!


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