Problem connecting parents to scout

Hi there,

I have parents that are not able to connect to their scout.
Mom has 2 accounts using 2 different email addresses due to being connected in SB to police cadets. I am thinking that may be part of her problem. Dad never gets the invite email to connect no matter how many times we send it. It is not in his SPAM folder.

Scout BSA ID - 140260557
Mom’ IDs - 13477350 and 10511734
Dad’s ID - 140260558

We recommend that units do not create Scoutbook accounts for parents, because when the Scoutbook account gets created, it is usually missing important information such as the date of birth and mailing address. It is usually better to let parents create accounts for themselves at my.Scouting. When they do, they should use their full name (not a nickname). And they should try to connect to their already existing BSA member ID number, if they have one.

The Mom has 2 BSA member ID numbers:

13477350 - primary
140541523 - secondary

Please ask her to log in at my.Scouting and double-check her mailing address and e-mail address there.

Everything looks OK to me on the Dad’s account. If he isn’t able to log in, then I would recommend having him go to and use the chatbot (“Betty”) to reset his password. When the chatbot asks: “Do you remember your security questions?” He can say “No” to bypass. If he still needs help, your local council can reset his password for him.

The unit did not create their accounts.
Mom created 2 accounts with 2 different emails to keep them separate.
Do you want her to have the same email address on both so you can merge them?

What is she trying to keep separate by having two accounts? Is it that she wants to receive all reminders on both email addresses or that she’s trying to get different info sent to each address?

I think she wanted to have info from the police cadet unit to go to one email and the BSA G troop info to go to the other email.

Oh, I’m sorry. I did not realize that she wanted two separate usernames and e-mail addresses, because she had never logged in to the second username (e-mail address).

I merged everything last night thinking that was what she wanted.

@JenniferReiter Does she still want to be connected to the police cadet unit? She is no longer registered as an adult leader with them.

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