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Hi Leaders,
I have a parent who used to have normal (default - Full control) access to the child scout records in scoutbook but over the holidays - not sure what happened - the parent access changed to view only and doe not seem to have full control anymore. As a Troop admin, I dont have any way to change this but I can see the parent does have Full control marked in scoutbook. Appreciate any help in resolving this situation.
Parent BSA#:134885448
Scout BSA#: 134885447

Ask her to try again, I made some changes
She should have access now

We have the same issue. I have a parent, who is also an Assistant Scoutmaster for the B Troop, and Scoutmaster for the G Troop that keeps losing his connection to his son. In additional, under the connection manager, the parent cannot be given full edit access to his son’s profile, only view can be selected. Under the scout’s profile, no parent is connected to him. When I try to “Add Connection” and search for the Parent by name, his name is not found for our council or unit. His son is “special needs” and is now over 18 y.o., and his parent needs access to his son’s scoutbook in order to update and keep track of the requirements completed. Please help with a permanent solution. Thanks!

Is the youth registered as a Youth Participant? If over 18 and listed as disabled, they still need to be registered as an adult, but the position is Youth Participant and that way Scoutbook knows they are listed on the youth roster.
If that is the case, please give us the member IDs of the youth participant and the parent. If not, please contact your council to have the registration changed.

I believe it is Unit Participant (position code UP) for age 18+ Scouts in troops.

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