Reminder Emails not going to connected Parents

When a reminder is sent out it goes to the scout but not to the parent connected to the scout. This happens with events when a reminder is attached to the event. I can send a message but that defeats the purpose of the reminder.

Is it that it’s not going to any parents or that it’s only going to one parent per scout?

@jacobfetzer See the post Stephen referenced above. I figured I wasn’t the only one. @NicholasCannis’ problem was essentially the same thing I had.

Short version: Only scouts and leaders invited to event. Calendar reminder emails went to some parents and not others. Adding parents as invitees causes them to then get reminder emails, but that’s a band-aid on the underlying issue of the invited scout’s parent(s) not getting the reminder emails.

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The more info we can provide the developers, the quicker they can fix it. Do all scouts have at least one parent included as far as you can tell?

Included how? For mine, all invited scouts were/are connected to at least one parent. Except for leaders that are also parents, no parents were invited.

For the “fix” of adding parents as invitees, I simply hit “Select All” and added every parent.

Also, if you look at my previous post, I listed everything I checked before posting.

In typing this, I realized that the parents that I asked that did get the calendar reminder emails (including me) were leaders and thus were invitees. So, I created a new test event and placed my son as the only invited scout without me as an invitee. Of course, SB forced me to add 2 leaders, so I added 2 other than myself. I added a “Send Now” reminder (and it sent). I normally get those (basically) instantly- I have Yahoo. We’re at 10+ minutes as of the time of this post and I haven’t gotten it. It is not in my Spam folder.

This leads me to believe that a setting or code or something got changed, and I wonder if it’s connected to something IT did when they were trying to get/keep us off blacklists. I don’t like to speculate, but a couple of parents told me that was around the time when they stopped getting reminder emails.

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Everything James is saying is a perfect description of the issues we are having. The events will be for scouts and leaders and in the past, parents would receive a reminder email based on the set reminder. Now the parents associated with the scout are not receiving any emails. Scouts and leaders still are getting the emails.

OK so I can report it best way? Is this for events that were created in the past? Is it for New Events? Are you using the Feature Extension? Do Parent / Leaders get them? or just pure parents?

I can only attest that it’s new events. I strongly suspect our past events from the spring have/had the same problem since I had parents tell me they weren’t getting reminders towards the end of the spring/early summer, coinciding roughly with Scoutbook’s blacklist issues.

I can’t specifically pinpoint it because when the blacklist issue(s) started and reminder emails were turned off, I sent emails outside of Scoutbook for events, messages, etc.

I did not use the feature extension to create the events.

Leaders who are parents get them if they’re an invitee.

“Pure parents” only get them if the parent is an invitee to the specific event.

If the scout is invited but not the parent, the parent doesn’t get them, but I believe the scout gets a reminder email if they have an email address in Scoutbook. I can attest that my son in the test event above where I was not an invitee got the reminder email sent to his email address in Scoutbook (that is different from mine), so I suspect that’s the case across the board.

I put in a good test of the failure to DEVs

For clarification, I should point out that parents telling me they weren’t getting reminders was after calendar reminder emails were turned back on following the blacklist issues.


I have three scouts and although they all have emails on their profiles and all are invited to the scout meeting or other event, only one gets the emails. I stopped receiving emails before the end of school year.

Having same issue, EXCEPT when selecting ignore BCc- then the parents are included.

Maybe I missed it- how do you turn off BCC for reminders? I know how to do it for messages (there’s a checkbox at the bottom), but I don’t see an option when I add reminders in an event.

@RobertLandrigan - those options do not exist for calendar reminders

I just discovered that my non-leaders connected parents (including my own wife) are also not getting reminders - and they haven’t been for a very long time (months).

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This has recently been reported to the developers