Event Reminders only being sent to one parent?


I have two daughters, one Bear and one AOL, I am the AOL leader, my wife is the Bear leader. We are both listed as parents for both of our daughters. Recently, I have noticed that I only receive scheduled event reminders for my AOL den, not the Bear den. I created a test event on the calendar, with my one Bear daughter, and sent a reminder. My wife received the message and I did not, so it almost seems like messages are only being sent to one parent per scout. I had a scout mother ask why she doesn’t receive any emails. When I looked at her sons profile, both parent emails are listed, so I’m wondering if she’s seeing the same thing, where the father has been the only one receiving the notifications and not her.

I am having a similar issue where it seems like only the Den Leaders are receiving the reminders for Den events.

I have reproduced this issue and reported it to the developers. From what I can tell, this occurs when parents are not invited to the event. Is that consistent with your experience? If so, the workaround is to add the parents to the invitee list. Unfortunately, that has a side effect of another bug where some people end up getting duplicate reminders (probably registered leaders, but I’m not certain on that).

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I have never added parents to Den meeting calendar events, only Pack events, so it probably would work? Creating the den meeting events does not select the parents by default, so we would have to do it as a secondary step as a workaround.

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