Parents unable to submit adventure requirements for approval on red MyScouting app

Several of the parents in my pack are having the issue of being unable to submit adventure requirements that their Cub completed with them to me for approval. When they try to sign something off, it gives them the error message of, “Whoops!, It looks like you are not able to record advancement as a youth. We will save your information, but this will not go to your leader for approval. Please review with your unit leader.” Is there a work around for this issue other than the parent contacting me directly to sign off every event?

It sounds like they are signing in as a youth - they can try going to to mark it off

How do they sign in as the adult instead?…the ones having this issue are not adult pack leaders, so they don’t have their own ID number…I’ve been looking up online their child’s ID number, and they have been using that to log in.

if you provide BSA #s we can look at them

Many parents get a BSA number when they are listed as parent / guardian on a youth application and the youth application is processed

They can also get a BSA number when they create an account at my.scouting (using parent’s name and parent’s DOB).

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