Parent login in using account associated with their name, but scout book thinks it is a child

We have a parent that is trying to record their child’s advancement. They logged in using their user name associated with the parents account, but when they go to log advancement the error they see is “Whoops@ It looks like you are not able to record advancement as a youth. We will save your information, but this will not go to your leader for approval. Please review with your unit leader.”

The child is a Web 1. Does anyone know what may be causing this?

Is the parent using the Scoutbook mobile app when they get this error message?

I believe they are using the mobile app.

@DanielleGrepps Could you please provide the Scout’s BSA member number?

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Yes. The member number is 137147868.

@DanielleGrepps I have reported this to the developers.

Thanks you very much!!

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