Password problems

When logging into Scoutbook it gives an error saying “please login using your my.scouting username and password”. I had him hit “forgot password” but nothing came through. I also had him try logging into but that also says incorrect username and/or password. He clicked on “forgot password” there and nothing came through again.

Try using the bot - type forgot password

Mine doesn’t have that icon on it. When I do find that icon on, it’s “betty” and automated “beta” testing app which doesn’t understand English.

it is - and it woks great

LOL. Somehow, when I logged in I became Cynthia Sittinger, whom I’ve never even heard of. So, my login was given somebody else’s identity!
This is what my login looks like.

Discourse does that when you have changeyouremail@ in your scoutbook account as email. What is you BSA#?

Could you post the BSA member number of the person having the issue logging in? Odds are, this person has set up Google or Apple log in.


OK Larry - if you log out and back into to Discussions your user should reset and we can move on to next issue

I don’t see a “log out” link on the page or the menu or the profile. Where do they hide it?

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.01.46 PM

click person - then log out

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