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Login Issue

We have two users of Scoutbook here (same house, same computer). One can log in with zero problems. The other can’t get in at all.

We’ve tried:
clearing cache, removing cookies, using incognito browser, and resetting password.
The login screen keeps popping up an error box that says “Please login using your my.Scouting Username and Password.” Logging in was not a problem prior to the system move a few weeks ago.

Ideas or who to contact?

Can both users log into my.scouting.org separately? Also try an Incognito / Private window

One user can log in, the other can’t. I did try an Incognito tab on Chrome browser. Still gave same error message.

they cannot log into my.scouting.org either? Is the username or password forgotten? There is a Text BOT at the bottom right of my.scouting.org that can help you. Click the blue circle and type forgot password

Ah, I didn’t catch the move to my.scouting.org in your original reply. Now that I’ve checked, the login isn’t working there either. Password reset and user name recovery failed. The account is clearly there but the (correct) answers to the account questions pops up an error saying they are incorrect.

I am reaching out to my local council. Thanks for helping me get outside of my little Scoutbook box. I had no idea how big the problem was/is!


If you use the Bot Donovan points to just above your reply, it tries to verify your identity in other ways to reset the password. I suggest trying it.

I tried both the security questions and the personal info options. Council was incredibly helpful! Account is recovered and working. Turns out my PO box address and not my home address is listed so the personal info bombed because I put the wrong zip. I don’t know what was wrong with the security question answers, but I am confirming/changing them to what I put when asked. The whole issue seems to be that I was using my email to log in to Scoutbook and I now need to use my username instead. If that change was in the materials they sent about the rollout, I completely missed it! By the time I went to my.scouting.org, I had tried to reset my password a couple times and the system didn’t want to send me any more resets.

Just in case anyone stumbles upon this thread at a later date: for Scoutbook try your username instead of your email even though it says you can use either!

@AmyGilliam Could you point us to the rollout materials you are referring to? Also, where does it say you can use either a username or an email address?


I was just referring to the notices of the domain change and then I remember an email about known issues with accessing Scoutbook afterwards. I called them materials because it was multiple points of contact. We were given notice via the website, email, and I think it even came up at our Roundtable. Maybe rollout “announcements” would have been a better term.

I see how that username or email could be confusing. It should be username if you have one. Email otherwise, but that probably doesn’t fit in the box. People smarter than me will have to decide how better to word that.