Patchy import from scouttrack to scoutbook

we are bear den leaders and have been our dens leaders since Lion scouts. we had been using scouttrack until now and everything has worked fine. our pack had asked us to move to scoutbook. when we logged in over there most of our scouts looked accurate at a glance, but our son is still listed as a Lion scout, despite being accurately marked in the other system and despite them approving his advancement every year. we have been trying to use the advancement import feature but the import button is grayed out with a very generic displayed error.

is there help staff for the web site or is the forum the only option? this seems like a straight up bug but I dont know how to reach someone with the access permission to fix this.

Does anyone know how to get this fixed? it is very frustrating!

@DavidSteffen - when you log into scoutbook do you see your family and then the den that you are a leader for? If they are working toward bear then they should all be in a bear den. Likewise all other scouts should be assigned to the appropriate den. I trust though you are talking about and not

Perhaps some screen shots of what you are seeing would also help.

@DavidSteffen In order to access the Import File button at Internet Advancement, you need to be registered as one of the Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, Chartered Org. Rep.) or you need to be designated in one of the functional roles of Unit Advancement Chair or Key 3 Delegate at