Scout Count on Troop View for Aptrol is Incorrect

When in Troop view, one of my patrols show 6 scouts, but there are only 4 when you click into the patrol.4 is the correct count.
Troop view screenshot: 10.31.2022-11.03.47
Patrol view screenshot: 10.31.2022-11.05.53

@JeremyWatarz are all of the Scouts memberships approved?

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This is usually caused by a scout who is not in the patrol having a patrol leadership position in the patrol. E.g., a Troop Guide or something like that.

How can I track down who may have those ties?

Go to the unit roster. Youth leadership positions are listed below the Scout’s name.

I also ran a report as well and do not see anyone not related to the patrol. Could it be an scout that is no longer with the troop? Aged out or did not keep membership?

@JeremyWatarz is it Crop Duster Patrol? if so one is T Conant

I just fixed that one.

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