Unit Financial Information & Balance Issue

Per the guidance in previous posts from @GaryFeutz, I made an adjustment to bring my Unit’s balance to Zero then added in the initial balance of the Unit’s bank account. The Financial Information is accurate;

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 1.20.11 PM

But the total at the top of the screen is still wacky…


The -$16,765.05 is the balance of the unit payment log - NOT the overall balance of the Unit.

Look at all the unit payment log transactions, and you will understand.

The way the system was implemented - most payments come into Scout payment logs, but when the unit writes a check - it comes out of the unit payment log. So this number is a reflection of how much the unit has spent over time.

Thanks @GaryFeutz for the explanation. It just seems that no one’s Balance will be very accurate since this feature was implemented after history is already in place.

There should be an ability to reset or enter in a starting balance / date where this would give more accurate information. At this point it’s a big number on the screen that will never have any relevance to a Unit.

I expect it would be best to just hide this number altogether. It is perfectly accurate, in how it is determined. It is just, as you say, not useful.

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Would agree @GaryFeutz, can this be added to an enhancement list?