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Payment Log Report Broken?

Is this due to the datacenter being down?

I can’t view them in Edge (new) on Windows, nor can our treasurer on an iPad.

It shows 2 Scouts (not the 10 total), but has their pack (they have been in the troop for 2 years) and says “no data”, but their entries are still there in their individual logs.


Seems to be working for me. What date range have you selected?

No matter the date range it was giving their old pack for me and our treasurer (I’m connected to the lack, but the treasurer isn’t). It now works properly and doesn’t give the pack.

It is interesting that the summary doesn’t give data for the “summary” or balance if you don’t give it a wider date range. That isn’t what I would expect. I can see only showing the log for the date range, but the summary of yesterday to today, I assume would be their balances. No?

The start date is also missing the “e” on date.

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