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Payment report

The payment log report shows transactions that predate the scout joing our unit (Scouts BSA) with CS accounting

The extension uses the csv payment logs export to build the report. It is only supposed to show transactions for the unit. Do you see prior unit transactions in the download? If so, its a Scoutbook bug.

Are you only an admin for the troop, or are you also an admin for the pack? I’m wondering if that might be confusing the report.

I just tested for a Scout that was in a Pack I was and admin in, who is currently in a Troop I am an admin in. I do not see prior history from the Pack.

I wonder if it has to do with membership - does the Scout have more than one active membership in Scoutbook?

ok I have no affiliation to their packs (multiple)

Ran the csv for whole unit and individual scout this data is not on it

Only registered with 1 unit

Ron, are you running the “Payment Log Report” or “Show Payment Log Balances”?

The native (first one) Scoutbook report is showing past units and is a bug.

Ok I really need to think before I type yep it’s the built in report

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