Problems with individual scout payment reports

I am looking to resolve a problem I am having with individual scout payment reports. When I try to run a report using today’s current date as the end date, the report does not include any information that I have posted beyond Jan 6th of 2021. The information is present within the payment log of each scout but is not being pulled into the report. Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Troop Treasurer

I’m seeing dates going back as far as the start date I select. Are you limiting by event type? Anything in the event field? Are you selecting detail, summary, or both? Which sort option?

Are you having trouble seeing items that are older than 6 Jan 2021 or newer than 6 Jan 2021?

I cannot get anything newer to pull into the report.

If I run a payment report from the troop area I am getting most of the information to show up on the report. I am still missing a couple of charges that
I applied to a few of the scout accounts today so the final balance of those scout accounts do not match what is posted in their individual payment logs. I am including all events and sorting by name, then transaction.

If I go to an individual scout and try to run a report. Some scouts have no information. The report says no data available and that they are in cub scout pack 4006 instead of their troop number. One scout has information but it stops at Jan 6 and there is nothing newer listed. The balance for that scout is completely wrong.

Any ideas?

@MichellePritchard - is this perhaps the feature extension??

The extension doesn’t do individual scout reports

@GaryFeutz - thanks… it does remind me that I have to install it on my new pc.

Do these scouts also happen to be in a crew or ship? It’s possible that the transactions are getting mixed up which unit they are for.

Michelle is the treasurer for my troop, so I was trying to help and figure it out. And I can reproduce it! It is a weird bug!

If you run the report for the troop, it works as expected. If you run the report for individual scouts (using the report menu option under their entry vs. the entire unit) it is broken. If the Scout was in a Pack, it shows their old pack number and is missing data.



Ok. There is something going on. It is more complex than we know yet, but here is the biggest smoking gun. It has everything to do with the reports. The Scouts own log is correct. I use the extension, but Michelle does not. We know the Scout’s real balance is $661.60. In the report, though, it shows her as $891.60. There is a transaction it isn’t taking into account from last year.

There are some other issues going on with other Scouts with the report not showing transactions from January to today and some other issues with showing them in their old cub pack from 2 years ago.

There is another odd thing where it seems to imply it would show you the summary and details from when you were a cub, then the summary and details from when you are a scout, then the “Final Balance”. It is my understanding the log doesn’t carry over form cubs to scouts.

Please go ahead and try the report again to see if your results have improved.


The report has improved for our two scouts who were never in cub scouts prior to our troop. The other scouts still have individual reports that come up with no details. It’s as if the individual report system is not recognizing the scouts as being in the troop. The report lists them as being in their prior pack.

Michelle Pritchard

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@Matt.Johnson @MichellePritchard

Please test the Payment Log Report for your respective issues to see if they have been fixed for your situation and satisfaction.


Thanks so much! It looks like our report issues have been fixed.

Just out of curiosity, were we the only troop having issues with reports or were there others with the same problem?

Michelle Pritchard

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