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Payment Logs Report - CSV Export Bugs

I’m finding that the CSV export for the payment log is not capturing all the data, therefore, some of our scout accounts are wrong when getting PDF or CSV’s. I’ve emailed for support, but then I saw in a form post titled “One click total csv backup of all data” that Ed D’Avignon posted:

“There are multiple items in the backlog to add missing data to the export/backup files. At this time we do not know if or when they will be scheduled for development.”

Does this mean that there is no commitment to fix basic data errors? The payment log screen runs, pdfs,and csv’s are missing data and I can’t get accurate reports to print and report to our scout committee. The missing data is a couple entries on a couple scouts. One off issues, not a consistent issue.

An honest answer is appreciated as I have to advise our committee as to how we’re going to deal with this problem.

This is referring to data fields that we’d like added to the exports. The SUAC and BSA is not aware of any records that are missing or somehow being filtered out.

Could you provide an example of the transactions listed for a particular scout and what the csv shows?

Also the path you are taking to get to the csv export?

Is the path you are taking: main unit page -> Export / Backup -> Payment Logs

Or is it a different path?


I was going through Troop 125 => Troop Reports =>Payment Log => web/PDF/CSV and not getting the right balances. (Perhaps an issue with the feature assistant add-in?)

Take a look at Crossroads of America Council, Troop 125, Scout Green #131123687. Looks fine in his payment log, but doesn’t in the above reports. Have same issue with one other scout.

If I go through Troop 125 => Export/Backup => Payment Log I get all the correct entries.
Thank you!


What data is missing? Entire Scouts, certain entries, certain fields in an entry?

I’ve only seen it with two scouts so far. It would miss some of the entries, but not all of them.

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