Unit Log Balances Problem

I hope this is a bug and not just me.

I have went through and balanced my unit. I updated the initial cash balance after the implementation of the Unit log yesterday, and I went through each scout to make sure their scout accounts were accurate. I then used the Unit Payments Log search and identified old transactions affecting the balances.

I think I’ve accounted for everythign but I cannot get the “Fees Receivable” amount to be accurate.

I did a balancing transaction so my Total Cash now matches my actual cash on hand.
The Total Liabilities matches the sum of all positive scout acct balances.
But the Fees Receivable is $150 off from the sum of the negative scout account balances.

I tried going through old scout accounts. I have zeroed them out with a balancing unit charge transaction and have even deleted all transactions on many old scouts but I am still $150 off.

I feel like there are scouts I cannot see which are being included in the sum.

My Scoutbook Unit ID is 29258 if that helps.

I am going to send you a personal message so I can get some details.

The balances shown are correct. They can be calculated by exporting the csv file. However, there is a bug that is not displaying all past membership users in the search. This but has been reported to the developers.


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