Payments for New Members

Hello. Committee Chair for Pack 119 in Northern Trails 3 of Potawatomi Area Council in Wisconsin. Using electronic applications for the first time prior to Internet Rechartering. After inviting parents for their child to apply, they are getting notified to pay for all the fees associated with re-chartering (including an administrative fee, probably for credit card charge), the re-charter per scout fee, and Boy’s Life subscription. These have been typically paid for by the Pack, not the parent (except for a New Member Fee that we collect). How can I keep these fees from being charged as they apply to join the Pack?

We have been told the only way to avoid those is to register before Oct 1 (too late) or do a paper application. There is no way to do it online. Our Pack and Troop now have two dues amounts. Those who registered online and prepaid and those who are just rechartering.