Paypal Fee Incorrect

I have noticed that the PayPal fees listed in SB are incorrect. It looks like the fees calculated are akin to that calculated by this online fee calc - In actuality, we are being assessed fees equal to that of this calc - I do not know why there is this discrepancy but am hoping you can assist.

I have verified these fees by looking at the activity and we are losing money on each transaction. Is this a miscalculation on the SB side, or have we done something wrong in setting up PayPal?



@DerrickWBrown - paypal governs its fees not scoutbook

I understand that, the issue is that the calculated fee in SB is wrong. If I create a $10 charge and go to pay that, SB shows the fee to be $0.61 and the total of $10.61. In actuality I am losing money because what PayPal is charging me is more, I would get $9.75 from that transaction.

Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about:

But when we get the payment from PayPal, the fees assessed are different and we lose money:

How do we get the calculated fee shown in SB to be correct?

@DerrickWBrown - thank you for the clarification and screen shot. We do not use that option so hopefully someone will provide insight on the issue.

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It appears that there was a PayPal Fee increase, which is why it is incorrect. I have notified the developers.

PayPal automatically deducts fees during the payment, but there is no communication in the system back to Scoutbook to tell Scoutbook what the fees actually were. Scoutbook was mirroring published rates - and needs updating.

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@GaryFeutz - Makes sense, I figured it was statically set in the code somewhere.

@DerrickWBrown - my apologies for not following correctly

@GaryFeutz - How long do those types of changes typically take to implement?

We do not know how long this change will take.

We received notification that the fees have been updated in the system.

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