PayPal not making transactions

Our SB PayPal isn’t completing transaction. We see the button and click the amount owned, and the system records a transaction as a credit to the scout account but the funds are not actually debited from the parents credit card by PayPal. Any ideas? Thanks

Are you the payee (e.g. unit admin on behalf of the unit) or the payer (e.g. parent)? Are the payments being made via the Scouting app or the website (

There are a few things I’d check to try to help diagnose the issue:

Here are some answers in-line.

There are a few things I’d check to try to help diagnose the issue:

In app or website: Both. At times the PayPal button doesn’t appear in the web version, so I made the payment in the Scouting App where it did show. I have a PP transaction number but no money has been moved.
Have you watched the user make the payment? Yes, our treasurer has the same issue.
Is this pervasive with all of the scouts, or just one in particular? multiple scouts
How long does it usually take for PayPal payments to actually debit the payer’s account? Appears to have not debited still.
Did the money show up in the unit’s linked PayPal account? No
Are the PayPal account details all correct? Yes, we’ve used it for a number of years.
Is the account a PayPal business account? (PayPal Payment Utility - SB Unit Admin Guide (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base) Not sure but have not changed anything in a number of years.
Is there a way for the parent to deny/reverse the transaction? Did that happen? No
Does your council block using PayPal? (Manage PayPal Units - Council Admin (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base) No

Hrm. I’m not sure which of the SUAC volunteers has the best insight into the Paypal interface. @DonovanMcNeil, do you have any thoughts who might best be able to help diagnose this?

Developers have been informed - probably Paypal changed the API

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