Pending Application Error: “Assignment failed. Position limit has been reached.”


I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with a duplicate scout application. The application is for a scout who has already been added to our troop. He shows up in scoutbook and in our roster.

When I attempt to accept the pending application to clear it, I get the error in the title “Assignment failed. Position limit has been reached.”

This occurs on both mobile and desktop browsers and happens for multiple people who have tried to clear the application from our Troop’s key three.

I can’t accept or clear the application and I keep getting emails about the pending application. Can someone help resolve this? We just want the application to be closed since the scout was already accepted and there is another transfer application that was already completed for this scout. So I believe this application can just be closed/deleted.

Pending Application ID: 201154781
Scout Member ID: 12934165

Thank You,

@jscurlee Please contact your local council for assistance.