Permission Matrix?

Is there a document/matrix that shows the access level and use ability of my.scouting for each position so that the capabilities for each user are quickly visible?

For example, A District Chair can see and do the following or a Scoutmaster can see and do the following?


Good point. It would also be nice if there was something showing access granted to “Functional” positions as well.

For instance, it would be nice to know specifically, what does My.Scouting tool access look like for a “District Training Committee Chair”, as compared to a “District Training Committee Member”.

Or for a “District (or Unit) Advancement Chair”, what MST tools or reports do they get access to.

I understand that some of these positions are laying the groundwork for future updates, but what does access look like now? It would be helpful in advising units when they ask (and they have been asking).

There is - but it is an eye chart!

It is at the end of this document (which is part of “Technology for Commissioners”):


Thank you Ron. That answers a lot of questions I’ve received in our Position Manager training.
I assume this will be updated in the future?

Probably not until all the work is done with converting ScoutNet reports and functions over to My.Scouting - so don’t look for it until next year.

Ron, thank you for this. Now that I see it again, I do recall this piece of information. I am grateful you were able to share it.