Permission Slip Address incorrect

Please push the address for Scout 132126119 from IA to ScoutBook permission slips. SB Permission Slip shows address 115 M*** and it should be 497 I***. Thank you.

@BrianCarter2 From what we can see it is correct. Maybe look at the users profile?

Ok thanks.

If the developers read this, the address sync didn’t happen until I re-saved his profile in IA. It was wrong for months on the permission slips despite having the right address in the IA and SB profiles (which are really one in the same, right?).

I decided to dig deeper when I found the same problem in this thread.

The IA profiles are based on the Akela (membership system) data. The permissions slips are based on Scoutbook data, I’m pretty sure. When you click on their name in scoutbook (without clicking edit profile), did you see the correct address there… before you saved the IA profile?

There is no address on the Scout’s info page before I click edit profile.

Oh… I should have known that. So, definitely sounds like Scoutbook had a different address and you fixed it by saving the IA profile.

Because we have no way of knowing if the Akela or Scoutbook address is correct, an update to the profile is required to push the “correct” address to all systems. By clicking Save on the profile page in IA, you trigger the push to other systems, thus ensuring they all had the same data.

Where do I see the “Scoutbook address” for a Scout?

“Edit profile” simply takes me to an URL, the exact same as going through IA.

I think you can get addresses from the Roster Builder report if you select that option.

Thanks, but that only shows Parent Addresses, which wouldn’t have been relevant in this case evidenced by the fact that the brother of the Scout in question had the correct address on the permission slip. BSA seems to be very careful to not allow any Scout PII out via export.

roster builder

It seems the bottom line is that users have no way to edit (or even see) the Scout’s “Scoutbook address.” Therefore a periodic one way sync from Akela to Scoutbook would be reasonable. If I need to change a Scout address - even that of my own son, I’ll only be able to do so in IA, whether I reach IA directly or via Edit Profile in SB.

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