How does one update Home address for Scoutbook?

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If a Scout/Scouter needs to update their home address, where and whom can make the necessary modifications for that address? Assuming that both My.Scouting and Scoutbook need to be updated.

Have a Scout whom has moved a couple of years ago but only recently noticed the address is not current in Scoutbook when printing out an Activity Permission form.

The Scoutmater reported he had updated the Scouts address under My.Scouting. However that still hasn’t been reflected / synced into Scoutbook about a week later.

As a test yesterday I updated my own address from St to Street ynder my.Scouting->Profile. However when I checked in Scoutbook today, its still showing St in SB.

They or an admin just goes to Edit Profile and change it and save

So address doesn’t sync between my.Scouting and Scoutbook?

Addresses do not sync to Scoutbook from (AKELA) - they only do if name or DOB changes.)

We think a change should be coming for that - we just do not know when

It is interesting that the parent that is a CM has the updated address but not the Scout for some reason. Must have noticed it on their own but hadn’t updated their youth profile.

Yeah when I moved like 2 years ago I think I had to update addresses for the BSA in 5-6 (or more) places - per account

Can be problematic if there is not a globally unique place that the BSA systems sync information into.

Our Council Key3 mentioned issues with helping units do contact tracing back in 2020-21 was hard since when phone#s were not being updated in my.scouting. Either parents not thinking to update contact information when it changes or updating in Scoutbook but doesn’t get synced back to my.scouting.

This is a known issue with the BSA and goes back years to not having connected databases. There are changes in development that will improve the situation but probably will not fix it completely.


Understand it will take time. Believe we have others in our unit with various address issues in Scoutbook. Trying to get a complete address list at least from the Scoutbook side, the reports only show the parents address and not the youth address. Our case here was that the activity waiver included the Scouts address(old) not the parents address(current)

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