Roster Address Does Not Match IA

Created a report ahead of recharter for scout families to verify address. Address listed on the Report pulled from Scoutbook is incorrect. I go into Scoutbook > Edit Profile and I am redirected to The address on this website is correct. Scoutbook is pulling an old address for the Roster Builder Reports.

@ZacharyMcCarty Please see address discrepancy in reports.

Do you have a link to the topic you are referring to? I did a search with keyword address I also clicked the tag “reports” and went through a few pages and did not see anything. Thanks in advance.

@AngeleBoudreaux No, I’m bringing someone else in to take a look at what you reported.

@AngeleBoudreaux I was unable to replicate as all my addresses in Scoutbook, the new profiles in IA and roster reports seemed to match. Can you copy the exact link of the report where the addresses do not match the profile in IA and post here so I can pass along to the developers to investigate?

Looks like the address of the Scouts’ dad is the issue. Is is using an old address that was in Scoutbook but looking at the Dad’s profile in Scoutbook takes me to IA where his address is correctly updated.

URL of Report Build:

URL of report after I hit “RUN”:

Thank you @AngeleBoudreaux, I have reported this to the developers.

To be clear, was the address in question recently changed in the IA profile?

No. The address changed prior to using IA with Scoutbook profiles.

@AngeleBoudreaux can you please list the MID (no name) of the parent that has the address mismatch? Thanks!

SB User ID: 187142
BSA Member ID: 131408671

When you click on their page in Scoutbook, does it display a different address than the IA profile?

@AngeleBoudreaux I do see different street names for this leader’s address in my.scouting vs. Scoutbook.

Which one is correct? One starts with “R”, the other starts with “P”.

When I click on his name in Scoutbook it does show his old address. I click on edit profile to update it and it sends me to IA where the address is correct.

That was what I was trying to confirm. They have different sources, but once the IA profile changes it pushes the new info to both places.

I found another Registered Adult Leader that is having the same issue with an old address being displayed in Scoutbook but is correct in IA. This address (like the other) was not updated recently.
SB User ID: 468503
BSA Member ID: 12039619

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried updating the address in my.scouting/IA to push that update into Scoutbook? I recognize that the inconsistency is the root issue, but to the extent that we can identify a work-around, that might help in the interim.

Yes, that’s what needs to be done in this case. Unfortunately, since data has historically been stored in two databases with no way to know which is correct, the developers could not force it one way or the other. So, the only way to know which is correct going forward is when a change is made. At that point, it updates both.

While confusing, I believe this is working as designed.

@jacobfetzer, do we (collectively) know whether there has to be an actual change (e.g. add a comma, save, wait 24 hours, remove comma, save, wait 24 hours) or is just editing the field (add comma, remove comma, save, wait 24 hours) enough to force the sync to push?

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I don’t think you have to wait at all. Just edit, save, edit again, save again.

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