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Permission Slips not showing up for all parents

For our upcoming campout we have RSVP required and permission slip required. For me, the Scoutmaster and an Admin, I see the link for all permission slips. My wife sees the one for our daughter since they are connected. Some parents were able to see and print the slip. Others, who are connected to their Scout and have a green full dot control, don’t even see the button (they sent a screen shot). I assume we are “doing it right”. I assume this is a real bug?




There are some connections that appear correct in the user interface but are actually not correct in the database. Go to the connection for each of the parents and click Update without making any changes. This often rewrites the connection in the database so it starts working properly.

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Thanks for the fast response.

That resolved it. With only 10 Scouts that wasn’t too bad, but if the bug won’t be fixed, it would be nice to have a “single button update all connections” feature.

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