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Permissions and Linkage Got Removed By The System

I am the troop admin and all my rights got removed by the system… including my linkage to my son (everything was fine a couple of hours ago).

Any clues as why this happened and can you put it back.

Thank you in advance. =)


We are trying to figure out why this is happening. So far we have not been able to reproduce the problem. Did anyone move the Scouts to a different den or patrol?

Another unit admin should be able to go to your Admin roll and click update to restore your connections.

That would work but they are all on Vacation and I was helping pull reports so our historian could verify information on who earned what merit badge when.

SInce I think I am the only one here at the moment, I don’t believe anyone moved anyone.

One thing I did was look at the BeAScout based on another post to see if that included Merit Badge Counselors for sign-up, but it looks like it did not. Other than that just posted on a forum and got out.

I really need to access our pages to help our Historian out this weekend.

Could you restore me please, as I need to help the historian (the audit logs should show no one removed me).

Hope this helps.

We are volunteer Scouters. Only another admin will be able to restore your access over the weekend. You can try sending an e-mail to and ask them to restore your connections but Member Care typically only works Monday through Friday.

Sounds good… wish they gave the group resync rights (would come in handy as most of the adults do these types of admin work at night and on weekend). =)

I did forget, the only other things I did was run some merit badge reports.

Hopefully, this information helps to track down the bug.

I don’t know if this will work or not, but you can try this:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin position.
  4. Click Update.

Sometimes this will reset your Admin position and connections.

I would if I could. =)

I lost all my connections even to the troop… =(

@MistyDion - when you log into scoutbook what do you see ?
We are going to do this step by step so are you ready?

Are you logging in with your username and password (SSO)? Or with your e-mail address?

It sounds to me like you have two accounts.

Oh, my gosh.

Thank you for asking that. I completely forgot I entered the SSO information. I tried logging on with my.scouting username and password and I do have all my connections.

When I use my email like I did before I can still login but I only see my basic info with no troop or connections now. I wonder if that is to be expected or not…

I’m just glad to be able to get in this weekend! :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone so much for all your help!!



This means you have 2 accounts. Send an e-mail to with your ID and the e-mail you use to log in to Scoutbook and ask them to merge the accounts.

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MBCs are registered at the district (or council) level. My district has not tested inviting MBCs using the online registration system. Submitting the MBC information form(s) may be an issue. How MBCs are registered is a subject for a separate discussion topic.

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