Permissions by Position

Not all of my ASMs have permission to edit advancement. When I edit permissions by position adding edit advancement to ASMs I get a warning stating that the following unregistered leaders will be changed to view only. Some of the people on the list are just parents while others actually are registered leaders.

There are two possibilities that occur to me off. The first is that your recharter hasn’t been finalized by council. You can check that in by checking when your unit-level position expires. That’s been catching a lot of folks, and is preventing adult positions from being changed or restored.

The second idea is that the leaders are not currently registered, or not under the BSA IDs that are on their Scoutbook accounts.

I think it’s because their BSA member numbers in Scoutbook do not match their BSA member numbers on the troop’s official roster.

If you could post the BSA member numbers (no names please) of the ones you are having trouble with, we can look them up.

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