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Scoutbook: Editing the Default Permissions for Troop Positions

Hi, I was wondering if there was an option to change the default permissions for troop positions in Scoutbook. The reason I am asking is because the assistant scoutmasters in my troop want to help the other assistant scoutmasters with entering in requirements from the scouts’ book. The issue we have is that assistant scoutmasters (who are patrol admins for their respected patrols) can only edit the advancement for scouts in their own patrol.

Is there a way where we can edit the default permissions for the assistant scoutmaster roles in Scoutbook? I do not want to change the permissions through the permission manager because we have about 10 scoutmasters, and over 50 scouts in our troop. I would have to change each and every permission, taking a long time. It will also be a hassle when new scouts join in the middle of the year.

We thought about making the main assistant scoutmasters troop admins, but that is the last resort plan because we just need the ASMs to be able to edit advancement for scouts outside their patrol, not be able to manage everything. Please let me know if there is a solution. Thank you!

From either the troop roster or patrol page page, go to connection manager. Clicking the adult’s name will allow you to change the entire row. Note that it won’t over ride automatic full control for admins or parents.

Another possibility is the permissions by position feature within the feature assistant extension: Feature Assistant Extension

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Thank you for the quick reply @jacobfetzer! I was able to make the change for my troop!