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Personal Management MB v2019 requirements incorrect

The Personal Management Merit Badge is incorrect for requirement 2 subsection b3 and b4 are the same questions as 2c & 2d.

@JDeMeritt - based on the pdf at I can see that this appears to be a copy paste issue:

  1. Do the following:
    (a) Prepare a budget reflecting your expected income (allowance, gifts, wages),
    expenses, and savings for a period of 13 consecutive weeks.
    (b) Compare expected income with expected expenses.
    (1) If expenses exceed budget income, determine steps to balance
    your budget.
    (2) If income exceeds budget expenses, state how you would use the
    excess money (new goal, savings).
    C) Track and record your actual income, expenses, and savings for 13
    consecutive weeks (the same 13-week period for which you budgeted).
    (You may use the forms provided in this pamphlet, devise your own, or
    use a computer-generated version.) When complete, present the records
    showing the results to your merit badge counselor.
    (d) Compare your budget with your actual income and expenses to understand when your budget worked and when it did not work. With your
    merit badge counselor, discuss what you might do differently the next time.

I agree but Scoutbook is incorrect.

From the Merit Badge Pamphlet which I did notice the indent doesn’t help on that document got to wonder what type of proofing they do before things got to print.

Agreed… the scoutbook entry would need to be revised along with the percent calcs for the reqs.

This has been reported

Ok great was trying see if it had but couldn’t find the issue, thanks.

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