Eagle Rank Requirement 3 (merit badge) date error

I noticed on the Scoutbook Individual Advancement Reports that the Earned 21 merit badge date is not the correct date when specified in some cases. Sometimes the ultimate earned date for requirement #3 is missing.

Here are two examples,
Scout 1 completed personal management on 06/10/2023, but Scoutbook says he completed Eagle Rank Requirement #3 as of 12/30/2022 (approximately 6 months before he actually finished his personal management merit badge).

We also had Scout 2 whose report Scoutbook Individual Advancement Report indicates he completed requirement 3 as of 01/07/2024, but he didn’t earn his family life merit badge until 01/17/2024 (10 days after).

Shouldn’t the last date the 21st merit badge earned be the date be reflected as the date earned of Eagle Rank Requirement #3?

the IAR is an old report that BSA has never updated - the Scout History Report is better at this point - if you post BSA #s we can look at them

Thanks Donovan, I didn’t realize IAR is an obsolete report. Our district advancement chair has been having us provide IAR for Eagle candidates so I’ll check on transitioning to Scouting History Report.
In the meantime, there are the two I found issues with:
BSA Member ID: 130631637
BSA Member ID:128630773 (has already Eagled so probably not a need to update)

@KatherineDrahmann - that is not required for the eagle process

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@KatherineDrahmann You should be able to correct the date for requirement 3, if it is incorrect.

@JenniferOlinger I think Eagle 3 is an auto complete - looks like one took fitness and ignored management - or maybe management was backed out or something

@DonovanMcNeil It will autocomplete, but you can change it.

Correct Jennifer. So the issue isn’t the Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record report, it’s Scoutbook updating the date earned for requirement #3 which then the report pulls from.

I’ve gone ahead and updated Requirement 3’s completion date to reflect the date earned for merit badge #21 and the Scouts BSA Individual Advancement Record report, Scouts BSA History Report, etc look correct.

This begs the question what caused the issue within Scoutbook itself and why didn’t it autocorrect?

what we think is scout was on old version with all MBs and CIS done so #3 was complete on old version - then the 2022 version of eagle was selected. At least that is our initial best guess

hmmm…I’m not sure what “CIS” is. Another thought, not sure if this is the problem source, but maybe helpful information is our troop uses Troop Web Host. When the scout submits the completed blue card, it’s entered as completed into TWH based upon the date the blue card was signed off by the MBC. The advancement is then exported out of TWH and imported into Internet Advancement 2.0 (recently switched over to Scoutbook Plus) via my.scouting.org. There doesn’t really appear to be any selection of which merit badge version option. This scout’s Personal Management was completed 06/10/2023 and is reflected in Scoutbook as version 2019 which according to Personal Management is correct as the PM’s revision history is 2019 and then 2024. Personal Fitness, earned 12/30/2022, was shows version 2020 in Scoutbook which according to http://usscouts.org/mb/Old/mb010-20.asp is also correct as 2020 until the revisions made in 2023.

@KatherineDrahmann - CIS = Citizenship in Society. And Usscouting is not an official source

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