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Phantom attendance stars showing in RSVP list

In the app, in future events, in the RSVP list, random people are showing up with attendance stars. I don’t want to post a screenshot, because it is full of profile photos.

This is a cosmetic issue only, and has no impact on using the tool.

Note: the same people show the stars for every future event.

OK just heard back on this - the stars show who CAN take attendance - we have asked it to be changed to something else

So…patrol scribes can take attendance for troop events?

What is the purpose of showing who can take attendance? No other permissions are visualized like this.

A Troop Guide can take attendance at a patrol event, but a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader cannot?

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
-Troop Guide

It was decided not to have PL or APL as right now only the entire Troop would display for them

So it is ok for a patrol scribe to take attendance for the entire troop, but not a Patrol Leader?

Why is Troop Guide in this list?

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